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Support Our Mission!

Here at Underground Squirrel Studio, we love our students, we love the artists we work with, and we love supporting the humanities in our community. The visual arts, the musical arts, and original music is the heart of any community. Even if an artist can't be commercialized, or never finds "mainstream" success, we believe that they deserve to be championed and supported.


As a Recording studio, our clientele is original artists. The majority of these artists do not come from money, nor do they often have the budget necessary to properly document and release their work in the way that it deserves. We do our best to offer services to these artists at affordable rates with the mission of supporting original music, but that also means we're often vastly underpaid for the work that we do. Your donation could help offset that income gap, and ensure our ability to continue our mission for years to come.

As a lesson studio, we are planting the musical seeds and guiding future musical artists down a path of self-discovery. These are students of all ages, not just the kiddos. Sure, music might not be for everyone, but for those individuals who have yet to find their creative outlet, there's nothing more rewarding than watching this musical self-discovery happen in real time.


The human spirit in bloom is a magical thing to witness, but not everyone has the resources to pursue that path. To help bridge that gap, we have created the Underground Squirrel Music Study Scholarship. This is a fund designed to help deserving music students pay for 50% of weekly private music lessons with the teacher and lesson studio of their choice. Click here to apply!

If you would like to support either of these causes, or both, please donate by clicking the button below. Before you submit your donation, be sure to write 'Scholarship" or "Recording" in the memo box. 

You can also support our existing clientele by visiting our online store and making a purchase!


Note - Underground Squirrel Studio is NOT a non-profit entity (though that might change in the future), so your donation is not tax deductible, but it will go to support a great cause nonetheless. And if you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please visit our Scholarship page!

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