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Black Squirrel Underground

Black Squirrel Underground is a small record label that helps musical artists with branding, social media presence, composing press releases, recording/production needs, visual art needs, website creation, and guidance for releasing music in any format, be it Vinyl, CD, Cassette, or Digital.


These services are available for a one time fee. We have no interest in gaining ownership of any artist's work, copyrights, or image. Our only purpose is to help artists create and share their work with the world. Current Black Squirrel Underground artists are Micky Torpedo, Evil Zenith, Go Go Torpedo, and Purple Hell.

If you're interested in hearing how we can help you, contact us at, or by phone 1-779-210-4217.

If you're interested in purchasing products from our current artists, and supporting our cause, visit our online store by clicking the button below!

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